Zone Music (ZONE)

Zone Music covers the genre spectrum with vibrant tracks spanning Comedy, Electronica, Documentary, Drama, Urban and Fashion

Docuzone Music Library

diverse, intelligent &quirky music for ‘fly on the wall’ exposes, factual and serious documentary programming, covering topics as varied as war, politics, economics, crime, the environment, travel, globalization & stories about ordinary, remarkable & oddball people.

Clubbing Zone

The ultimate dance music collection.  160+ massive club anthems, urban jams, chilled beats, indie classics & banging dance floor tunes.


Bold and striking drama cues perfect for trailers, film scores and crime shows


It’s all about enjoying yourself. From amazing days out with friends & high adrenaline sports to very saucy goings on this collection offers a musical something for every fun occasion.


Like sitting on your sofa zapping channels, TVzone offers a multitude of music styles for programming across the TV spectrum. At times slick, sexy & stylish and at others fun and funky the 6 album collection offers music for sport, lifestyle, travel, fashion, arts & kids TV.


Fun for everyone! A diverse 4 CD fun-filled collection of bonkers comedy, retro kitsch, goofy good times, innocent play and adrenaline fuelled action.


More than just drones, this 5 album set is balanced with unobtrusive yet inspiring music beds and underscores


Alongside Zone Music is Zone Plus, an on-going collection of singular, trend reacting albums which complement the ‘zones’. Latest releases include Audio Allsorts 3, Energy Fountain, Luxury & Elegance, Modern Piano Conversations 2, Buzz Sounds and Athlete.