About Our Company

About Our Company

5 Alarm Music is the largest independent production music library for film, television, radio, and commercials offering UNPARALLELED MUSIC EXPERTISE. We believe in the UNIQUE POWER OF MUSIC and its significant impact on the quality and engagement of any production. WE CHAMPION THE ELEVATION OF PRODUCTION STANDARDS and access to world class music by providing exceptional customer service and superior quality music to the broadcast industry.

5 Alarm Music’s philosophy hangs proudly over our doors: “Life is a journey. Enjoy it!” Nothing adds more enjoyment to our daily journeys than a great soundtrack. Our staff is comprised of music lovers who dominate any music trivia challenge, have record collections that could fill the Titanic and studied Bach counterpoint at prestigious schools such as Berklee College of Music. Needless to say we ♥ music.

Our Services

100+ Production Music Catalogs from around the globe

Rescue Records – Our very own Independent Label with over 280 artists

State of the Art Online Search Engine

Custom music based on your specifications

Music Replacement for pre-existing broadcasts

Music Editing Services

Music Directors available for music searches 24/7.

Top notch Music Licensing advice and expertise

Offline searchable hard drives

Music Clearance

Public Domain Advice

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