Frequently Asked Questions


Music Concierge Service

Just like the concierge at a hotel, we are here to help you even if we don’t end up doing business with you. Ask us anything. About music rights. How Performance Rights work. What are BMI, ASCAP, SESAC? Licensing Fees. How do I get the right to use commercial music? Doesn’t matter… we want to be there for you and become friends! Call us(626-304-1698 or toll free 800-322-7879)Email usInstant Messenger us…We are here for you!

How Do I Become a Client?

It’s easy to become a client and gain access to our Search and Download website, where you can search our entire catalog by specifics and download your choices. Log on to www.5alarmmusicsearch.com and we’ll walk you through the steps to sign up. Or, you can call us at 626-304-1698.

What Are Your Licensing Fee’s?

We pride ourselves in offering extremely reasonable fees. Please email info@5alarmmusic.comto get a custom quote that is within your budget. Most of our licenses are in perpetuity so once you get a license you are authorized to use that music as long as you make no audio or visual changes. Please contact us for a quote – info@5alarmmusic.com. Also, we can negotiate production blanket deals.

How Large Is Your Library?

We’re glad you asked! We are one of the largest production music libraries in the Industry. With over 100 catalogs, 5 Alarm Music has a constant flow of new releases. More releases than some libraries have in their entire collection! Our classical collection is extensive and many of the catalogs we represent are new to the market so you won’t have heard them on other projects. We have over 300,000 tracks and multiple choices for you to pick from. If you still can’t find the piece of music you’re looking for, we’ll create it! In addition, our Search Engine is the most intuitive search engine around. Contact us at info@5alarmmusic.com to get started.