Joel Evans Serious Closer


        Joel Evans is a San Francisco composer and producer whose credits include more than 85 movies and 350 TV episodes; major Hollywood films, hip indie flicks, network and daytime dramas; ranging from Wedding Crashers to Kristin Wiig’s Hateship, Loveship; from Friends to Glee. Life imitates art; in the film Rumor Has It, Kevin Costner and Jennifer Aniston share a conversation while the Joel Evans Combo paints the aural backdrop in the same SF hotel bar where he once worked a steady piano gig!

The 2014 Daytime Emmy winning special Young & Restless Tribute to Jeanne Cooper features one of Joel’s songs as its main theme. Ciroq Vodka TV and radio ads highlight one of his Big Band numbers.  Grammy-winning vocalist Carmen Bradford sings yet another on tour with the Count Basie Orchestra. Joel’s songs have been recorded by diverse artists including Dave Samuels, Shaun Murphy, Roberta Donnay, Spencer Day and Peter Tork (yes, the former Monkee has a great blues band!)

Listen to Joel Evan’s music HERE