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Song Junkies LogoSong Junkies

The catalog features songs with lyrics in addition to several instrumental options and commercial length edits. We are kicking off this new series with our first album “Euro Memoirs” which features the voices of John Torres (singing in Italian), Pamela Clay (singing in French) and Diane Jarvi (singing in Finnish).




Superstore Music Logo

Superstore Music

Former EMI sound engineers & record producers John Etkin-Bell (JB) and Jimi Ashmore, launched their new Independent record label & publishers Superstore Music in 2011.
The idea was to champion past and present bands and release some great undiscovered gems.
This has developed into signing new artists, recording albums & promoting shows for them.
In 2011 Superstore released 3 compilation CD’s and plan 3 more albums in 2012 including the debut Long Player of Reading 5 piece Sleep Room.

“The band take you on some otherworldly alt-prog ride through long flourishing guitars, dark interludes and rich soaring crescendos. Chords fall effortlessly into place, vocals surf over melodies with serene aplomb”
Linda Serck, BBC 6 Music.