Search Engines are the best way to find music and ours is one of the best. However, sometimes you just need human help…

In a hurry? We do the work for you. Just email, call (626-304-1698 or 800-322-7879) , or IM us! Simply tell us which styles you need and the music will be on its way. We can send it in any format that you prefer.

We have a very quick and convenient tool called a One Sheet. It is a link that leads you to a page of music that allows you to preview the choices we have selected for you without having to login to our search engine. If you are already a client and have downloading privileges, it will allow you to download a WAV, AIFF or MP3, right from the page. We can also send a One Sheet list to your client that only allows them to listen and without the download feature.

5 Alarm Custom is a network of Sound-minded professionals. With decades of experience and eons of creativity, our team is known for exhausting every musical muscle until each project is blossoming with musical sprite. We believe every piece of media becomes part of cultural history…and trust us when we say, our composers’ musical accomplishments will be remembered. Focused on original compositions, 5 Alarm Custom is fortunate to have collected a roster of hot, talented composers.



In many cases, songs or cues selected for production are too expensive, require a broader license, or are not licensable. 5 Alarm has a Music Replacement service where we can replace songs or cues at a lower price than the original cost and still keep the integrity of your project intact.

We also offer customized music packages if you have an entire series that needs music replacements. With our music supervision services, we will provide music that keeps the same feel and emotion while still supporting the scene. Need the music cut to picture or a layback to your master? No problem!

“Friday Night Lights is an example of when re-musicing was required. You’ve got a show, an hour-long drama, with a big appetite for music, and we put a lot of music in. But if we were to pay all media licenses on all that music, it would have cost millions for the five seasons, a fortune! So the licensing strategy went like this: We bought two-year terms for everything, which is enough for the original broadcast on NBC and then DIRECTV. But we had to replace much of it for perpetuity, for DVD, Netflix, or iTunes etc. It was heartbreaking, a lot of that music had to go but we kept a lot of it as well. The most emotional and most effective uses of music were paid for in perpetuity, and they stayed in. There is still a lot of great music in Friday Night Lights that survived, but I know how many insanely cool jams were there in the first place. So we worked out a blanket deal with the Five Alarm library so that any music spot that wasn’t necessary to the story had to be replaced with something cheaper. They did an amazing job. Most shows don’t really do re-musicing. I haven’t worked on a show since Friday Night Lights that does it.”

Liza Richardson, Music Supervisor. Excerpt from AIMP interview