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Your one stop resource for original Indie Artists & Bands

The demand for original indie artists is at an all time high. Rescue Records is your one stop resource! With our extensive and constantly growing catalog, there’s a great chance we have what you need. All songs are exclusive to us and we control both sides so licensing is a breeze. Don’t have time to search? Email TerriLynn and she will send you music suggestions. It’s as easy as a day at the beach.


Amazing Talent

Rescue Records represents the material of independent bands and singer/songwriter/artists for use in film, television, and commercials.

Easy Licensing

One fee – all media – worldwide. We control both sides of the copyright. License a song with just one phone call!

Song Replacements

With our wide array of music from rock, hip hop, and jazz to pop, alternative, novelty, and much, much more.

TV: Friday Night Lights, Life, Everwood, Jack & Bobby, Felicity

  Television Shows

Feature Films


National Commericals


1. You are welcome to submit a CD of no more than 10 songs for consideration and we will be happy to have a listen. Yes, we do listen to each and every submission that comes in!

2. Please keep in mind that our standard agreement is 3 years, exclusive, and you must control the writer/publisher share. This means that anyone who is a credited writer/publishing entity must also be agreeable to our terms and would also need to sign paperwork. You cannot sign for them!

3. The songs you submit cannot contain any un-cleared samples and must contain lyrics, as RR does not work with instrumentals

4. Please send a streaming link to or mail a physical CD to:

TerriLynn Massey
3500 W. Olive Ave – Suite 810
Burbank, CA 91505