Enjoy the speed and convenience of downloading 5 Alarm Music’s customizable music right from your web browser. Quicktracks Award Winning customization gives you unlimited downloads of music customized to the exact legnth you need.


When it comes to finding the right music for your production, it’s all about the search engine.  Finding what you need quickly is not a luxury, but a must!  Soundminer is the most user-friendly and cutting edge music search engine in the industry offering fast and effective tools for all of your music needs.

With Mac and PC capabilities, advanced batch conversion and integrated metadata management, Soundminer is the choice for industry professionals.  Whether you are a sound editor, music editor, content creator, music publisher, composer, gamer, radio station personnel, or work at a film or TV studio, Soundminer offers the most advanced searching technology available.

Our Soundminer search engine, fondly dubbed Search & Rescue, has many intuitive features that will save the day.  We have a visual tutorial that outlines all of the bells and whistles at your disposal.

Sometimes production companies or producers can’t get online to search or their company has strict firewalls and our online search isn’t an option.  5 Alarm has our Soundminer Hard Drives as a search engine solution.

We provide the files on hard drive (WAV/AIFF or MP3) of our libraries and you will have access to many of the same features available online. This way you can take your libraries anywhere you go! We update the drives quarterly or more frequently if desired. The drives are on loan at no cost to you as long as you are in production and understand that the music that is being used will be licensed. Soundminer HD for MAC requires Apple OS 10.5 or higher. Soundminer HD for Windows requires XP, Vista or System 7.

Please contact us if this system is a better fit for you. Also know, you can use both!