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At its core, Big Idea Music is a team of composers, musicians, singers and songwriters sharing a deep passion for music, Mexican beach sand, daily afternoon randomness and finely crafted boots.

We are more than people in front of monitors in dark rooms – we are DJs spinning in Vegas, we are touring musicians, we are remixers, we are award-winning producers, and our creative director happens to moonlight playing keys during weeknights on CBS’ The Late Late Show with James Corden, so there’s that.

We are a team that artfully crafts music with depth and soul that is produced with a deeply thoughtful understanding of you, our end user. Big Idea Music’s legacy of excellence, innovation and professionalism has found a home with broadcasters, advertisers and content producers around the world, and we’re sure we could be of benefit to you, too.

For this, we give thanks and endeavor to continue working with talented creatives and music agents on both sides of the license.