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Opensound is a music-publishing label created by artists and technicians with extensive experience in the field of producing music for images.

Opensound’s artistic creativity and the originality of its projects make it one of the most innovative labels in the its field.

Opensound first emerged in 2002 as a recording studio but it quickly extended into the field of music publishing. Its first project was the creation of a library of musical commentaries for
images. These pieces of music are written by composers who have long-term experience in this sector and who make their work available to Opensound. Their repertoire covers a wide variety
of areas, ranging from documentaries to videos for institutions, from TV series to feature films and shorts.

Opensound creates and produces music for directors, sound editors, web designers, communications managers, artists, and more specifically for professionals and companies working
in the audiovisual and multimedia sectors. We focus particularly on multi-channel applications (surround 5.1) and we mix versions of our pieces in this format.