Production: The Nice Guys Film Trailer
Track(s): DIDGERIDOO, DIDGERIDOO SOLO 2, Going Up and The Oldies
Catalog(s): Water Music, Cavendish Music, Zone Music and 5 Alarm Music
Production: Florence Foster Jenkins Film Trailer
Catalog(s): Cavendish Music
Production: Amazon Kindle
Track(s): Champion Sound
Catalog(s): Cavendish Music
Production: Coca Cola
Track(s): Scene I: Vorspiel
Catalog(s): Cavendish Music
Production: Apple iPhone
Track(s): Clair De Lune Acapella
Catalog(s): Boosey & Hawkes Classical
Production: The Promise Trailer
Track(s): “Tympani Roll”
Catalog(s): Trailer Trash
Production: The Great Gilly Hopkins Trailer
Track(s): “Come See The Wonder”
Catalog(s): Cavendish Music
Production: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Trailer
Track(s): “Drinks In The Air”
Catalog(s): Beat Xplosion
Production: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them Trailer
Track(s): Various Sound Design
Production: Ricki and the Flash Trailer
Track(s): Showtime
Catalog(s): Zone Music
Production: The Hateful Eight Trailer
Track(s): Zan Shiri
Catalog(s): Cavendish Music
Production: Zootopia Trailer
Track(s): King Lion
Catalog(s): Boost TV
Production: Some Kind of Beautiful Trailer
Track(s): Heavy Lovin’
Catalog(s): Abaco Music
Production: Cinderella
Track(s): Terror Sky
Catalog(s): Sonic Tremor

Production: Midnight In Paris
Track(s): Tango Flambe
Catalog(s): 5 Alarm Music
Production: Netflix Original Series: Terrace House - Theme
Track(s): Slow Down
Catalog(s): 5 Alarm Music