If you are working on syncing music to media, we are a great one-stop-shop to take care of your music licensing needs. Below please find the steps it takes to get a music license with us!

Step 1: Register on one of our search engines.

www.5alarmmusicsource.com or www.5alarmmusicsearch.com.
Both search engines have all our music available for you to search through.

 Step 2: Find the music you want!

Have fun searching through our search engines yourself or simply email us to get help with a music search. 

Step 3: Contact Us for a license.

You will need to obtain a license for each unique production you do. Most of our licenses are in perpetuity. Once you obtain the rights, you do not have to come back and re-license as long as you don’t make any audio or visual changes. You can report music usage to us via phone, fax, mail or e-mail. Our rates are different for every type of production and the pricing is based on a variety of factors. We offer very competitive rates so feel free to contact your Account Executive today to get a quote. 

After you have obtained your license and completed your production, one of the most important steps is reporting the use of music to us via a Cue Sheet that lists all the tracks that were used, the name of the production and more. You can find out more about Cue Sheets here. All of these details are imperative for us to pay our composers and publishers in a timely manner.

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